DOMINATING – Bernard Lagat wins another National Championship

Bernard Lagat running in national championship
2014 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

No lead is safe when Bernard Lagat is in the race. After 12 laps around the track in the 5,000-meter USA Championship, 27-year-old Andrew Bumbalough had moved to the front of the pack and looked as if he had the victory in the bag. But even Bumbalough himself knew better.

“You always know he’s coming,” Bumbalough told about Bernard. “So you run a little scared.”

In the end, Bumbalough was right to be afraid. Charging around the final curve, Bernard swung wide past Bumbalough’s shoulder and then turned on the afterburners. With no recourse but to enjoy a front-row seat, Bumbalough watched Bernard capture the lead and then take off with it.

“When you see that silky, smooth stride roll by you,” Bumbalough said after the race, “it’s a little devastating.”

For Bernard, his win at this year’s National Championship is just another exclamation point on what seems like an endless career that already includes 11 more National Championships, two Olympic medals and seven standing American Records.

“I felt really good coming into those last 100 meters,” Bernard told “I was confident coming here, [and] I was happy with how the race went.”

Among the secrets to Bernard’s longevity on the race circuit, you’ll find an intense training regimen, a methodical approach to recovery—and Melaleuca’s nutrition products.

“I’ll use an Access Bar about 30 minutes before my workouts,” Bernard told the crowd at Convention in May. “I do a lot of intense workouts where I’m burning a lot of calories, but when I use the Access Bar, it helps me use my stored body fat in my workouts. And when I finish, I feel strong and I recover quickly."

“After a workout, I’ll use Proflex20 to help my muscles recover. I used to go home and immediately make some chicken or beef, but now, I don’t need to go home and cook. I can simply put Proflex20 in my Vitality Shaker Bottle, shake it up and drink it on the way home.”


  1. Judy on July 17, 2014 at 6:42 am

    Go Bernard good work

  2. Stephanie Grams on July 23, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Great story of success and determination! As new rep I’m excited to help build a team of healthy sisters!