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New Melaleuca Products

For the first time in three years, thousands of Melaleuca customers gathered in person to be empowered and experience the education that only comes from a live Convention. For more than three decades, Melaleuca has adhered to its founding axiom of Exceptional Products at Reasonable Prices. And this year the tradition of exceptional innovations continued with powerful additions to our exclusive wellness collection.

New Wellness supplements

Improved Benefits. Less Pills.

Discover the Enhancements to the Peak Performance Pack!

The Peak Performance Pack is the most life-changing product we’ve launched in our 36-year history. From your heart to your brain, to your life-sustaining immune system that requires daily support to function properly—Peak Performance is the proven solution to provide our bodies with something it can’t produce on its own. Delivering nutrients—the way nature intended.  The Peak Performance Pack is the number one product that EVERY Melaleuca member should be using twice-a-day, every day to provide the foundational elements of a holistic wellness lifestyle.

Given the importance of the Peak Performance Pack we are always looking for ways to make it even better, to provide you with the best of science and nature. As of Convention 2022, four critical changes have been made that enhance every Peak Performance Pack and some of the individual supplements within the packs. These changes will provide you with enhanced benefits and fewer pills per day to get these benefits! Here’s what changed:

  • We’ve combined Florify Daily Probiotic and Florify Deep Immune into the NEW Florify Daily Probiotic. The same gut and immune support of both products are now delivered in a single capsule. New Florify is available in ALL Peak Performance nutrition and specialty packs and ALL Vitality Essentials Packs!

  • We’ve combined the brain-health benefits of Acuity AZ with Unforgettables—providing you with a super supplement for the brain under the all-NEW Unforgettables 1x Daily tablet. New Unforgettables will replace the 3x daily Acuity AZ in the Peak Performance Total Health and Brain Health packs!

  • Joint pain and cartilage break-down will now be up against the superior power of Replenex Advance—using the targeting power of your immune system to quickly get to the source of discomfort, Replenex Advance actively boosts your body’s natural ability to rebuild cartilage. Replenex Advance will replace Replenex Extra Strength in the Peak Total Health and Bone & Joint Packs.

  • Your immune system requires daily support! NEW Activate Immune Complex will now be included in all Peak Performance Total Health Packs!

Your body is an interconnected network of systems that requires daily support to keep it functioning at its peak! The Peak Performance Pack is now even better than ever and should be a critical component of every Melaleuca order!

Melaleuca Florify

Your Gut Needs Your Help!

Discover the Improved Benefits of Florify Daily Probiotic!

The microbiome-building benefits of Florify Daily Probiotic and the immune support of Florify Deep Immune have now been combined into a single supplement!

All-new Florify Daily provides the combined benefits of both products for the price and convenience of one:

  • 11 billion live probiotics in every dose
  • 9 diverse strains for maximum coverage
  • Promotes digestion, a healthy immune system, and overall health
  • Packed in an acid-resistant capsule delivering probiotics to the intestines where they thrive.

The microbiome in your gut is made up of diverse living organisms that extract and synthesize vitamins and nutrients, regulate digestion and metabolism, and support proper immune system function. Without this intricate ecosystem, your body would be unable to properly absorb the fuel it needs for all of your body’s vital and interconnected networks!

Your intestinal tract provides the ideal environment for microorganisms to flourish. However, this means both good and bad bacteria compete for space. The most important thing you can do to keep this critical environment healthy is to supplement your diet with the proper amount and kind of probiotics (or good bacteria) that work to optimize the health of your microbiome—and therefore your entire body.

Delivering billions of active probiotic cultures from a diverse range of strains safely into the intestines with an acid resistant capsule, Florify replenishes good bacteria while keeping bad bacteria at bay.

This combined-benefit probiotic powerhouse is also now included as part of our core 6 supplements in EVERY Peak Performance Pack and one of the four critical supplements in every Vitality Essentials Pack.

Melaleuca Unforgettables

Don’t Forget About Brain Health!

The NEW Unforgettables combines the power of Acuity AZ and Unforgettables into a 1x Daily Tablet!

Your brain is truly incredible, with an almost unlimited storage capacity! Coordinating, controlling, and regulating all your body’s systems—your brain is a truly complex organ.

However, like any system, your brain can lose its ability to function as you age and is exposed to damage—this deterioration starts as early as your 20s! As your brain ages, it becomes more difficult for it to quickly recall information. You may even see a deterioration of your cognitive skills. Caused by oxidative damage from free-radicals, a decline in neurotransmitter activity, blood circulation, and phosphatidylserine—an important brain lipid that aids in cognitive abilities.

Our bodies need vital nutrition to keep our brains functioning properly. Proper brain function not only helps keep our bodies running at their peak—but it also improves the overall quality of our lives.

To make it easier on you to get all this vital nutrition, our scientists have been working to combine and optimize the benefits of two incredible Melaleuca brain-supporting supplements into one daily tablet. Today, we announce the combined power of Acuity AZ and Unforgettables into a single daily tablet! NEW Unforgettables is now fortified with the brain-supporting power of:

Ginkgo Biloba has been shown by research to promote healthy blood circulation in the brain as well as modulate serotonin and dopamine levels.

Bacopa is an herb prized for centuries for its power to sharpen intellect and attenuate mental deficits. This substance has been scientifically shown to help increase connections between neurons in the brain. With quercetin antioxidants, bacopa helps protect brain cells from oxidative damage by free radicals.

Phosphatidylserine is an important lipid in the brain. It carries messages between brain cells and helps keep mind and memory sharp. As you age, your phosphatidylserine levels decline, which can lead to memory and cognitive decline.

This enhanced brain health supplement is now in Peak Performance Total Packs and Brain Health Packs

New Affina Products

Introducing the all-new Affinia!

Beautifully Scented. Simply Effective.

A little love for your skin, hair, and soul. The new Affinia Body Care elevates your routine with wellness-inspired solutions designed to nourish as they cleanse, condition, and hydrate. From shampoos and conditioners to body washes and deodorants, each delicately scented product is formulated with plant-based ingredients to rejuvenate your skin while refreshing your senses. You’ll find yourself smelling as good as you feel! This is hygiene-perfected.

This new line of accessible women’s products includes five nature-inspired scents that will make you rethink your total body routine:

Sweet Cream & Willow: Sweet and light with a hint of fresh florals and citrus.

Apple Blossom & Lily: Apple blossom and white flowers combined with coconut cream and vanilla.

Vanilla Musk & Jasmine: Egyptian jasmine and sweet vanilla finished with the warmth of amber.

Bergamot and Green Tea: Fresh bergamot and green tea with a hint of white florals.

Refreshed Honey & Almond: Warm honey, almond, and coconut cream infused with the crisp sweetness of apple.

New Alloy Products

Introducing Alloy, the NEW men’s total body collection!

Natural Elements. Supercharged Results!

Welcome to the evolution of men’s total body care! Product innovation and science-led solutions are at the forefront of our Alloy line. This collection is designed for ALL men—those looking for the very basics and those looking for THE routine. It’s simple, streamlined, and above all effective. With a razor-sharp focus on efficiency, Alloy offers superior results with a complete regimen for both the face and the body. Every element has a powerful purpose. No cheap fillers, harmful additives, or artificial fragrances. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.

This re-charged new line of products includes five body care products in a new, modern signature scent and four facial skin care products designed specifically for the unique skin of men. Focused on developing the importance of skin health in an overall wellness routine, Alloy ups the game for men in a way that only Melaleuca can offer.

New Tough and Tender Pouches

Introducing Tough & Tender All-Purpose Cleaner Packets from EcoSense!

Available for a limited time.

So much cleaning power in one small packet! New Tough & Tender Packets make it easier than ever to try or share everyone’s favorite all-purpose, plant-based cleaner. Each packet is conveniently premeasured with enough 12x ultra-concentrated Tough & Tender to make one 16 oz. spray bottle.

It’s so easy to use! Just pour all the concentrate in the packet into a 16 oz. Tough & Tender spray bottle, add water to the bottle until it reaches the “fill” line and you’re ready to safely tackle the dirtiest messes without the dangerous chemicals found in so many national brand cleaners.

Ready to try one or share it with a friend? Excellent! Tough & Tender All-Purpose Cleaner Packets are available for a limited time only and can be purchased as a 2-pack, a bundle that includes 1 packet and one spray bottle, or a 5-pack that comes with five shareable Tough & Tender information cards.

Happy cleaning!

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