Discover Your “Why” at Convention: Live the Life You Want Today

Melaleuca Convention 2015

Nothing will impact you and your business like being at Melaleuca Convention 2015. It’s where thousands of business builders from every walk of life come to rub shoulders and share stories with one another. They forge friendships that last a lifetime, learn about incredible new products, and receive exclusive training from Melaleuca’s top business builders and management team. They also leave with renewed hope and belief in themselves and their businesses.

Those who’ve attended Convention in the past know what a life-changing experience it is—and they can’t wait to get there again. Many of those who attended their first Convention as brand-new customers credit the event as the launching point for their Melaleuca businesses.

That’s because Convention, more than any other Melaleuca event, inspires people. It helps them rediscover and fortify their sense of purpose.

Doing anything worthwhile in life requires real purpose, and building a Melaleuca business is no different. Success is a result of identifying what you want out of your life—and how much you want it. It’s a crucial first step to achieving any goal, and at Melaleuca, we call it determining your “why.”

In order to build a successful Melaleuca business, you need to have a strong “why.” It’s the reason you’re striving to reach your goals, and it’s what will push you to act and sustain you when obstacles arise. If you’ve been a Melaleuca Marketing Executive for a day or a decade, and you don’t have a clear “why” for building a business, stop what you’re doing and determine what that is. Think about the one thing that’s really motivating you to succeed, and write it down. Then, don’t let anything else get in your way.

Ask yourself what kind of life you would like to create for you and your family. Try to visualize the future you want; then document that vision. One of the best ways to do this is to create a dream board as a daily visual reminder of your “why.” You can see Melaleuca’s virtual Pinterest dream board for ideas on creating your own.

Sometimes dreamers get a bad rap, as if dreaming is synonymous with laziness or inactivity. But some of the greatest accomplishments in history were inspired by a simple yet powerful dream. That’s because an action plan always begins with a goal, and a goal always begins with a dream.

A dream board is a visual representation of your dreams, but it can act as a springboard for action. It can simply be a corkboard or whiteboard that contains images and words that symbolize your personal “why.” You can also create a virtual dream board using a social platform like Pinterest. However you choose to create your dream board, fill it with inspirational quotes, photos, magazine clippings, and more. But each item you add should strongly reflect your “why.”

Is your “why” to spend more quality time and find happiness with your family? Then perhaps your board should include your family name—including the first names of your loved ones—a family photo, or a generic picture of a happy family playing or vacationing together.

Is your why to achieve financial freedom? Then consider adding a paycheck, a car-payment countdown, a photo of your college-bound child at their high school graduation, a snapshot of your current home or dream home, or a pouch to hold your cut-up credit cards.

Remember that it’s okay to think about money—as long as it’s in the context of helping you fulfill your worthwhile dreams. Money itself is only a means to accomplishing something good.

Ask yourself this: What amount of extra income would make a difference for you and your family? Write that amount on your dream board. What would help you bridge the gap in your household expenses, get out of debt and stay home with your kids? Write it down and add it to your dream board. What type of residual income would secure your retirement or give you time freedom to enjoy life on your own terms? Again, put it on your dream board.

While your dream board serves as a daily reminder of your goals, Convention gives you the tools you need to achieve those goals. In other words, Convention helps you turn your dreams into reality. Melaleuca’s Mission Statement is “Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals,℠” and everything that happens at Convention is centered around setting you up to do the right activities and helping you commit to yourself to reach your goals.

If you’re someone who likes to be surrounded by people who care about you and want you to succeed, then you’ll feel right at home at Convention. We can’t wait to see you there!

Check Out Melaleuca’s Virtual Dream Board!
We’re counting down the days to Convention too. So we decided to create our own virtual dream board. Check out the Melaleuca Dream Board on Pinterest to see some of the things that make up our “why” of enhancing lives. Since our goals are your goals, you’ll likely see a few things in common with your “why.” Go ahead and add them to your own dream board. We would love to see your virtual dream boards, so be sure to use the official Convention hashtag #whynotyours.

To help you determine your “why,” be sure to register for Convention 2015 today.