Melaleuca Convention 2015: Live Blog Day 1


  1. Stephen Gerhardt says

    Loving my company! Day one having a blast at Convention.
    Melaleuca you have changed my life so much and for that I am so very thankful. : )

  2. says

    Thank you for offering this access. Due to family circumstances, we are not able to attend, but this is the next best thing to being there!!!

  3. Karen says

    Since I am not at convention this year, this is a good way to know what is being introduced and what is happening now!

  4. thaddeus says

    Tour was great . Had Senior Director Degroot up front who got all senior and 1 exec directors to give their training or stories all the way there and back. Almost better than the tour itself. Frank must be so proud. New factory building is a dream–really. Even employees were proud. You could feel it.

  5. Elaine Fortier says

    Wish I could be there! Have attended 9 times but because of personal issues could not this year. This will be a great way to feel part of the action…thanks!

  6. Lavina/David says

    The theme says so much….. Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.

  7. says

    Now attending the 2nd workshop and taking lots of notes. So glad to have made a few sacrifices to get here. Thankful to my family for their sacrifices, too!!!

  8. Tammy Angiolelli says

    I wish i was there. Next year I will be no matter what . Please take lots of notes and let all of us know for the ones that could not make it . Have a wonderful time

  9. Woodrow Simmons says

    Convention is indescribable, if youbare serious about building a Melaleuca Business. …..start planning NOW, TO BE THERE IN 2O16 ! It’s an event you’ll never miss again !

  10. Sherry Ojeda says

    I will definitely be there next year. I didn’t do my part to be able to afford it this year. I’ve been a chicken for too long now and afraid to talk to people. Need to get my superhero uniform back on!

  11. Pam Harnden says

    I sure wish I was there with my WAHU family!!
    I am loving all your posts, photos and updates. You will not only bring back lots of information for all customers and business builders but you will meet people and make many friends that will last a life-time.

    Melaleuca just gets better and better!

  12. alan kochheiser says

    How do we watch the live video feed on the Blog site? It just shows it keeps downloading for the past 30 minutes and there is nothing to click on to get it. Do we have to wait until it is done downloading and does it do a whole segment at a time? It is now 4:50 Eastern timezone.

    • Melaleuca says

      The live blog is only providing Convention 2015 general session highlights. Convention is live to all attendees.

  13. Gisele Picard says

    I am incredibly impressed, though not surprised, by the live blog from Convention! This company always does it up right. To have the pictures of the new products to share immediately was excellent! You have made those of us not able to attend still feel very involved with the excitement, support and celebration that is indeed, CONVENTION!

  14. Betty Jo Toole says

    So grateful for this sight. It’s the next best thing to being there. I have always enjoyed the conventions.
    Melaleuca is a great company.

  15. Bobbie Baugher says

    I miss the excitement and seminars! Love feeling the connection through media contact. Going to love the new products, especially essential oils. I really like the new overview training guide I downloaded. Congratulations executives you delivered another good reason to shop and share melaleuca!

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