It’s never been more clear: Spraying a toxic chemical around your house is breathtakingly dangerous!

clear power melaleucaIf you’re using Windex® Original Glass Cleaner in your home, that’s exactly what you’re doing. Ammonia is a known toxin that doesn’t belong in any home. But many folks who wouldn’t dream of bringing ammonia into their home use Windex Original Glass Cleaner without a second thought—and yet, Windex is powered by ammonia!

As Windex cleans, inadvertent spray enters and irritates your respiratory system and eyes. Fumes fill the room you’re cleaning in. Skin contact is warned against, but as you mist the product into the air, how can you help some of it settling on your skin? If it gets on your hair, you continue the exposure until you wash your hair again. Imagine your hair getting it on your pillowcase and you breathing it in all night long!

Does all this really matter? YES—more than we ever knew before. A recent study based on 20 years of research reveals a shocking truth: Cleaning your home with common, well-known grocery store brand cleaning products like Windex Original Glass Cleaner as little as once per week over time is as damaging to respiratory health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years!

You would never give your children cigarettes to smoke, so don’t give them ammonia to breathe.

Melaleuca launched and led the green movement to replace toxic cleaners with safer ingredients, and our Clear Power® glass and window cleaner is one of those highly effective and much safer products. Clear Power will give you the sparkling windows, mirrors, fixtures, appliances, stainless steel, and aluminum you want without any of the unhealthy side effects you don’t. It cuts through everything from grimy fingerprints to toothpaste, and breaks up and washes away more dirt and smudges—all without ammonia.

Instead, Clear Power is powered by 99% biodegradable cleaning agents and contains absolutely no ammonia, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde or toxic chemicals of any kind. It’s so safe, no childproof cap is required! A gleaming, streak-free shine is all Clear Power will leave behind.

More good news—Clear Power is 12x super concentrated so one 8 fl. oz. concentrate bottle makes six ready-to-use 16 fl. oz. spray bottles.

Warning! All but two Windex Glass and Multi-Purpose Cleaners contain ammonia, so go through your house and garage, and dispose of them responsibly, then replace them with Clear Power, our glass-and-more cleaner that will take better care of your home, your family’s health, and our precious environment.


  1. Teresa Hubbard says

    I have been using this product and many other melaleuca products for several months now. I will only use Melaleuca to clean with because it is safe and world.

  2. Jeff Wunder says

    I started using Clear Power when I started my cleaning business 3 years ago, because like you, I don’t believe in the toxin cleaners. I’ve had a hard time with it tho, it leaves streaks when other cleaners like windex don’t. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

    • Jesse Wade says

      I have a cleaning business as well. I use only Melaleuca products. If you use clear power on glass be sure and use a microfiber towel. (Ours are amazing!) I also use a blue surgical towel to polish after. It works great!

  3. Alice Burruss says

    I use to use Windex when cleaning g my mirrors and even my glasses. I found Melaleuca and Clean Power is all I use now.

  4. LoneWolf1Canada says

    I have used Melaleuca Products now for almost 12 years and really like all the different ones I have tried so far and there are many more to still try.
    They are all so much healthier for you and with us having two people with breathing issues, it sure makes a difference.

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