Christmas Sweater Contest at Melaleuca Displays Holly Jolly Spirit

What’s Christmastime without a stunning array of vibrant, red-and-green sweaters that showcase the holiday spirit of your family, friends, and coworkers? At Melaleuca, the holiday cheer-o-meter was cranked up to an eleven with the first Melaleuca Christmas Sweater Contest!

Our Team Members donned their best (or worst) festive knitwear and dashed away to Melaleuca’s Leaf & Drop Café to show off their tinseled threads of yuletide glee. Some sweaters were astonishing, while others were downright ugly. The competition was as fierce as a snowball fight at the North Pole, and the audience wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

The contest featured a festive feast for the eyes, ranging from a light-up unicorn and a snowman feeling merry with “root beer” to a cute cozy corgi and a classic Grinch motif. In a nod to the holiday classic A Christmas Story, one Team Member even had enough Christmas spirit to wear a bunny onesie that could only be described as a “pink nightmare.”

By virtue of receiving the loudest applause, Melaleuca Supply Chain Analyst Stephanie Harrison was declared the winner for her spicy chili pepper sweater. She received bragging rights and a ridiculous trophy, and her sweater received the coveted title of Ugliest Christmas Sweater.

Santa Claus and his elves would have been proud, or perhaps extremely embarrassed. But whether the sweaters sparked childlike joy or were just downright ho-ho-horrible, everyone’s spirits were bright! 

A Merry Melaleuca Culture

At Melaleuca, we don’t just take enhancing lives seriously—we take having fun seriously. Every year, Melaleuca hosts a variety of fun and engaging events for Team Members and family members. Earlier this year, Melaleuca hosted a pinewood derby and a cornhole tournament.

Every summer, Melaleuca holds its annual carnival-style family picnic, which draws thousands of Team Members and their families, and every fall, the company’s different departments design and construct themed sections of a spectacular trick-or-treat path for Team Members and their children and grandchildren.

There’s no shortage of good times at Melaleuca, especially during the holiday season!