PURE™ Essential Oil of the Month: Blue Heat

Since Melaleuca Convention 2015, our customers have enjoyed the uncompromising quality, absolute purity, and unmistakable aromatic excellence of PURE Essential Oils. What’s more, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors’ oils, PURE Essential Oils have already saved our customers over $12 million! Sales of our new oils have been so amazing that we…

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Experience PURE™ Essential Oils with All-New Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils Specialty Roller Bottles

New PURE Roll-On Bottles and Mini Bottles make it easier to take PURE Essential Oils and blends with you—and even create your own aromatherapy blends. These refillable bottles are made of amber glass to protect oils from UV degradation. Small sizes are perfectly portable for convenient travel or sharing. They’re the perfect accessories for your…

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Melaleuca Introduces New Alloy® Sport

Melaleuca Alloy Sport Group

More and more often, men are looking for personal care products that do more than just the basics. They want premium benefits in fewer steps, and they want brands and products that help them define their style. With new additions to the Alloy brand, we’re giving men more reasons than ever to make the switch…

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PURE™ Essential Oils Have Saved Melaleuca Customers $11.8 Million

When PURE™ Essential Oils were introduced at Melaleuca Convention 2015, our customers were introduced to uncompromising quality, tested and documented purity, and aromatic excellence. They were also introduced to incredible savings. PURE Essential Oils cost an average of 50% less than what other oils cost. As a result, in the eight months since their introduction,…

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Melaleuca Introduces New Safe & Mighty™ Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Safe & Mighty Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Melaleuca

The toilet is a dirty place. No one wants to leave evidence of their daily dealings behind for friends, neighbors, or mothers-in-law to discover on their next visit. And until now, when it came to cleaning your toilet bowl, you had one of two not-so-appealing options to choose from: you could buy a product that…

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Melaleuca Announces 3 New PURE™ Essential Oils and Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils Specialty Bottles

Melaleuca customers have been excited about PURE Essential Oils since the line was unveiled at Melaleuca Convention 2015. And now Melaleuca is proud to introduce three new PURE Essential Oils: PURE Lime oil is extracted from 100% lime peel. Lime essential oil is stimulating and invigorating, with bright, green, citrus aromatic notes. Maintaining the characteristic…

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