Happy Canada Day from Melaleuca!


On July 1, 1867, three British North American colonies—New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada—were united into one country and the nation of Canada was officially born.

In 1994, Melaleuca opened its doors in Canada, and a wonderful partnership has grown over the last 21 years. To Canada, Melaleuca has brought superior wellness products and a one-of-a-kind mission of enhancing lives. And to Melaleuca, Canada has supplied some of the most loyal, enthusiastic customers any company could wish for. To this day, Canada remains the most successful country launch in Melaleuca’s history.

If you’ve never been to Canada, you’re truly missing something special. From the soaring skyscrapers of Toronto’s sparkling skyline to the old-world charm and romantic feel of Victoria, from the glacial fjords of Newfoundland to the vast prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada is nothing short of breathtaking. The land, the people, and the culture are simply beautiful.

To help you enjoy Canada’s 148th birthday, here are 10 fun facts about this incredible country:

• Canada Day was originally called Dominion Day until it was renamed by Act of Parliament in 1982.

• Due to its simple color scheme and design, the National Flag of Canada, also referred to as the Maple Leaf, is considered by many vexillologists (flag experts) to be the world’s most beautiful national flag.

• Canada produces more than 80 percent of the world’s maple syrup (and the vast majority of it comes from a single province: Quebec).

• At 3,855,101 square miles, Canada is the second largest country in the world (Russia is the largest).

• At nearly 5,000 miles, the Trans-Canada Highway across all 10 of Canada’s provinces is one of the world’s longest national highways.

• According to the CIA World Factbook, at 202,080 km, Canada has more coastline than any other country on earth. (In fact, Canada has roughly the same length of coastline as the next five countries combined!)

• Montreal, Quebec, is home to the Just For Laughs comedy festival—the largest comedy festival in the world.

• The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, popularly known as the Mounties, are one of the most iconic and recognizable police forces in the world. This is largely due to their distinctive “Red Serge” dress uniforms with scarlet tunics and light-brown campaign hats.

• “O Canada,” the national anthem of Canada, was originally written in French. The words to the English version, which is now the official version, were written later.

• Move over maple syrup: Canada’s unofficial national dish is poutine—French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care: World Environment Day

Today, people all over the world are celebrating World Environment Day. It’s an opportunity to reevaluate the impact each of us has on the environment and decide to make wiser, more conscientious choices regarding the place we all call home. This year, the theme is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” At Melaleuca, that theme is important to us. We work hard every day to make sure that our products and business practices are environmentally friendly. We are passionate about and committed to eco-friendly practices that contribute to sustaining Mother Nature and planet Earth:

No Harsh Chemicals
Instead of harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach, ammonia, and formaldehyde, Melaleuca EcoSense® products are powered by naturally derived ingredients including essential oils.

Concentrated Products
Melaleuca products are concentrated, which means that we use less plastic, less fuel, and less water. That leads to our using fewer resources and creating less pollution. If all the plastic that Melaleuca customers have saved since 1985 were turned into laundry baskets, there would be enough to circle the earth seven times!

We use sustainably sourced and recycled materials in our, shipping materials and product packaging. We also recycle every material we can, from cardboard boxes to plastic bottles.

Our distribution facility uses skylights and energy-efficient lighting to cut back on electricity. Our Idaho Falls facilities are powered by 97% hydro and wind energy!

We save you the cost of driving to the grocery store by shipping products directly to you. Trucks leave our distribution center packed to full capacity in order to maximize fuel use.

Your Melaleuca orders are packed with air pillows instead of bubble wrap of Styrofoam peanuts, which create far less waste in landfills and require less fuel to ship to your door.

Reusable plastic bins are used to move products at our plant instead of industry-standard, disposable cardboard boxes. Once the bins can no longer be used, they are recycled into fiber optic cables.

Melaleuca EcoSense® products are formulated with natural, biodegradable ingredients that do not disrupt the ecosystem when they return to our waterways.

The products we make are processed, packaged, and delivered in conscientious ways and offer you a safe and effective alternative to store brands so you don’t have to compromise. Since 1985, Melaleuca Customers like you have helped save or avoid over:

  • 166,100,000 pounds of plastic
  • 34,800,000 gallons of gasoline
  • 37,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 84,082,000 pounds of algae-choking waterways

And they’ve done that just by switching to smarter, safer, cleaner products.

“Although individual decisions may seem small in the face of global threats and trends, when billions of people join forces in common purpose, we can make a tremendous difference.” –UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

For thirty years, Melaleuca has made environmental wellness an important part of our company culture one person at a time. Make your own commitment to living sustainably. Choose to purchase products from companies that are committed to eco-friendly practices. Consume less, and consume more carefully. Celebrate World Environment Day every day. In doing so, you’ll make a difference for the environment and our entire global community!

Convention 2015: Lives Change Here

Markiewicz at Convention

Newly announced 2015 Marketing Executives of the Year Melissa & Anthony Markiewicz at Convention. Lives change here. Why not yours?

Melaleuca Convention is an incredible experience and really does change lives. Now, another one of these impactful events is in the history books. Year after year, Convention provides thousands of customers the opportunity to discover themselves. Their personal paths to overall health and wellness become more solidified—they try new products that encourage a healthier lifestyle; they set new goals and make plans to reach them, and celebrate one another’s successes. Each Convention seems to be more uplifting and empowering than the last, and this year was certainly no exception.

Last week, customers were treated to world-class training, new tools for building a successful business, and the announcement of PURE™ Essential Oils along with other exciting new products. Customers also had the opportunity to cheer on friends and teammates as they were honored for their achievements. In fact, eighteen Melaleuca businesses celebrated total financial freedom as they set fire to their mortgages, 493 businesses were recognized for earning a getaway to the Bahamas, and hundreds more were honored for helping fulfill Melaleuca’s mission of enhancing lives.

Convention is full of unforgettable moments that strengthen individuals and unify teams. It’s a place where resolve for greatness is renewed and ultimately, lives change. The good news is that what happens at Convention doesn’t stay at Convention! So if you missed this year’s event, you can see highlights on our live blog posts from day one, day two, and day three of Convention 2015. Or, you can purchase and download the Leadership Launch Digital Training to get a taste of the Convention energy and atmosphere, as well as the chance to see more updates, product announcements, and powerful trainings that take place at this life-changing event.

There really is nothing like experiencing Convention for yourself! Start planning your trip to Convention 2016 now— we’ll see you there!

Melaleuca Convention 2015 Highlights: Live Blog Day 3

Melaleuca Convention 2015: Live Blog Day 2

Meet Melaleuca’s Newest Products

Several amazing new Melaleuca products were just unveiled at Convention 2015 in Salt Lake City. Their announcement was met with a whole lot of excitement and applause—and for good reason.

Like all of Melaleuca’s 400-plus products, these exceptional newcomers were researched, developed and produced using the best science and the finest, safest, most effective ingredients available. The result is an all-star cast of wellness products designed to help you live a healthier life, a longer life and a more vibrant life.

Here’s a first look at the incredible Melaleuca products that just made their debut onstage at Convention:

New PURE™ Essential Oils

pureEssentialOils_miscCollectionIt all started with a tea tree—Melaleuca alternifolia. For 30 years, Melaleuca has been the standard bearer for pure, high-quality Melaleuca Oil. Now, Melaleuca is taking that standard of purity and quality to an additional 22 essential oils.

To provide customers with the best possible essential oils, Melaleuca has joined up with farmers who have a reputation for ethical, sustainable growing practices and stringent testing. Melaleuca’s new PURE Essential Oils are directly extracted from the botanical source and contain no impurities or synthetics whatsoever.

Available individually or in exclusive blends, the following PURE Essential Oils are defined by their complete purity, uncompromising quality and aromatic excellence:

  • Bergamot
  • Cedarwood
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Frankincense
  • Geranium
  • Grapefruit
  • Jasmine Absolute
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Lemongrass
  • Marjoram
  • Myrrh
  • Orange
  • Oregano
  • Patchouli
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Sandalwood
  • Wintergreen
  • Ylang Ylang

Learn more about the new Melaleuca PURE Essential Oils in the essential oils details post.

New Peak Performance Metabolic Health Pack

966_PP_Metabolic_Women_0315Melaleuca’s Peak Performance Pack debuted to rave reviews a year ago at Convention 2014. With the Freiburg Study showing how using the Peak Performance Pack can significantly improve every major system in the body, Melaleuca launched three new personalized nutrition packs in January.

Now there’s a fourth.

The new Peak Performance Metabolic Pack is optimized for metabolic and blood sugar support. It was designed for people looking to support healthy fasting blood glucose levels, break down and burn fat, slow sugar absorption and boost calorie burning for healthy weight management.*

In addition to the six foundational supplements found in the Peak Performance Pack, the Metabolic Pack also contains a double dose of ProvexCV® to reduce fasting blood glucose levels as well as all-new NutraTherm™.

New NutraTherm™ Stimulant-Free Fat Burner

nutraTherm_allPlatformsNow you can get a stimulant-free, naturally powered metabolism boost with NutraTherm—a proprietary blend of clinically tested green coffee bean extract, green tea phytosome and capsaicin pepper blend. These ingredients assist the body in accelerating metabolism, slowing sugar absorption, breaking down and burning fat, and increasing calorie burn.*

New Metabolic Support Bundle

1357_MetabolicBundleUpgrading to the Metabolic Support Bundle is an excellent and affordable way to support blood sugar levels in healthy individuals, reduce sugar and carb cravings, and promote healthy weight loss. The bundle includes a 30-day supply of Peak Performance Metabolic Health, a Value Size GC Control™ Shake of your choice, and new Sugar-free FiberWise®. Each of these products is amazing in its own right, but purchasing them together in the Metabolic Support Bundle saves Preferred Customers nearly 50% off the regular price!

New Sugar-free FiberWise®

8583-FW_28oz_OrangeSugFree_15For years, FiberWise fiber drink supplement has provided full-body benefits thanks to its scientifically balanced blend of seven sources of natural fiber as well as antioxidants, probiotics, soothing herbs, and vitamins. And now, people concerned with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels have another delicious option.* New naturally flavored Sugar-free FiberWise Orange contains 12 grams of fiber, only 30 calories and 0 grams of sugar per serving.

FiberWise promotes digestive health and healthy weight loss, may help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, collects and sweeps away toxins and waste, improves regularity, and supports immunity.*

New Natural Insect Repellent

insectRepellent_Liveblog_PinterestHarnessing the power of five essential oils, Melaleuca’s new Natural Insect Repellent keeps biting bugs at bay. It’s 99% effective against ticks and mosquitos, so you can get out and enjoy nature with confidence.

All-natural and DEET-free, Melaleuca’s new Natural Insect Repellent contains a pleasantly aromatic blend of peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, thyme oil and geranium oil. While bugs hate it, your family will love the woody fragrance. And because it contains no harsh chemicals, it’s safe for your kids, your dog and the environment.

New Mint Sol-U-Guard Botanical™ Hand Wash

mintFragrance_Liveblog_PinterestNow you can wash with the cool, clean fragrance of mint with new Mint Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash. The best solutions are nature’s solutions. That’s why,—just like the citrus and tropical-scented varieties of Sol-U-Guard Botanical Hand Wash—this hand wash relies on the natural powers of citric acid and thyme to wash away bacteria and dirt. You’ll find no triclosan or harsh chemicals here. And the addition of aloe, glycerin and vitamin E helps keep hands soft.

New Garden Lavender MelaPower® 6x

Garden Lavender-scented MelaPower was so popular that we just had to bring it back. Now you can breathe in the fragrant and calming bouquet of lavender with every load of laundry.
Thanks to its 6x concentrated formula, and its effectiveness in cold water, MelaPower gets your clothes and linens incredibly clean at a fraction of the cost. And because it is non-alkaline and contains biodegradable ingredients, plant-derived surfactants and the natural power of enzymes, it’s gentle on your laundry, your skin and the environment.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.