Discover Your “Why” at Convention: Live the Life You Want Today

Melaleuca Convention 2015

Nothing will impact you and your business like being at Melaleuca Convention 2015. It’s where thousands of business builders from every walk of life come to rub shoulders and share stories with one another. They forge friendships that last a lifetime, learn about incredible new products, and receive exclusive training from Melaleuca’s top business builders and management team. They also leave with renewed hope and belief in themselves and their businesses.

Those who’ve attended Convention in the past know what a life-changing experience it is—and they can’t wait to get there again. Many of those who attended their first Convention as brand-new customers credit the event as the launching point for their Melaleuca businesses.

That’s because Convention, more than any other Melaleuca event, inspires people. It helps them rediscover and fortify their sense of purpose.

Doing anything worthwhile in life requires real purpose, and building a Melaleuca business is no different. Success is a result of identifying what you want out of your life—and how much you want it. It’s a crucial first step to achieving any goal, and at Melaleuca, we call it determining your “why.”

In order to build a successful Melaleuca business, you need to have a strong “why.” It’s the reason you’re striving to reach your goals, and it’s what will push you to act and sustain you when obstacles arise. If you’ve been a Melaleuca Marketing Executive for a day or a decade, and you don’t have a clear “why” for building a business, stop what you’re doing and determine what that is. Think about the one thing that’s really motivating you to succeed, and write it down. Then, don’t let anything else get in your way.

Ask yourself what kind of life you would like to create for you and your family. Try to visualize the future you want; then document that vision. One of the best ways to do this is to create a dream board as a daily visual reminder of your “why.” You can see Melaleuca’s virtual Pinterest dream board for ideas on creating your own.

Sometimes dreamers get a bad rap, as if dreaming is synonymous with laziness or inactivity. But some of the greatest accomplishments in history were inspired by a simple yet powerful dream. That’s because an action plan always begins with a goal, and a goal always begins with a dream.

A dream board is a visual representation of your dreams, but it can act as a springboard for action. It can simply be a corkboard or whiteboard that contains images and words that symbolize your personal “why.” You can also create a virtual dream board using a social platform like Pinterest. However you choose to create your dream board, fill it with inspirational quotes, photos, magazine clippings, and more. But each item you add should strongly reflect your “why.”

Is your “why” to spend more quality time and find happiness with your family? Then perhaps your board should include your family name—including the first names of your loved ones—a family photo, or a generic picture of a happy family playing or vacationing together.

Is your why to achieve financial freedom? Then consider adding a paycheck, a car-payment countdown, a photo of your college-bound child at their high school graduation, a snapshot of your current home or dream home, or a pouch to hold your cut-up credit cards.

Remember that it’s okay to think about money—as long as it’s in the context of helping you fulfill your worthwhile dreams. Money itself is only a means to accomplishing something good.

Ask yourself this: What amount of extra income would make a difference for you and your family? Write that amount on your dream board. What would help you bridge the gap in your household expenses, get out of debt and stay home with your kids? Write it down and add it to your dream board. What type of residual income would secure your retirement or give you time freedom to enjoy life on your own terms? Again, put it on your dream board.

While your dream board serves as a daily reminder of your goals, Convention gives you the tools you need to achieve those goals. In other words, Convention helps you turn your dreams into reality. Melaleuca’s Mission Statement is “Enhancing the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals,℠” and everything that happens at Convention is centered around setting you up to do the right activities and helping you commit to yourself to reach your goals.

If you’re someone who likes to be surrounded by people who care about you and want you to succeed, then you’ll feel right at home at Convention. We can’t wait to see you there!

Check Out Melaleuca’s Virtual Dream Board!
We’re counting down the days to Convention too. So we decided to create our own virtual dream board. Check out the Melaleuca Dream Board on Pinterest to see some of the things that make up our “why” of enhancing lives. Since our goals are your goals, you’ll likely see a few things in common with your “why.” Go ahead and add them to your own dream board. We would love to see your virtual dream boards, so be sure to use the official Convention hashtag #whynotyours.

To help you determine your “why,” be sure to register for Convention 2015 today.

Inside Out: Being Your Best Self

Real change doesn't come from the outside in. It comes from the inside out.

Real change doesn’t come from the outside in. It comes from the inside out.

I want to talk about a theme that is closely intertwined with the Peak Performance Pack, something I hope everyone is thinking about at this time of year: How you can be your best self in 2015.

The first thing I want you to know about being your best self is that we’re not talking about aiming for some sort of unachievable perfection. Being your best self doesn’t mean taking someone else’s best and pinning it up on your wall as your goal. It doesn’t mean wearing yourself out by trying to become something you’re not.

You might’ve heard what happened when Victoria’s Secret announced their new ad slogan a few months ago: “The Perfect Body,” accompanied by a photo of a group of airbrushed supermodels. More than 27,000 people signed a petition asking the company to change its slogan. The company wisely relented and changed its slogan to “A Body for Every Body.”

This is the generation of the “selfie”—the most photographed generation in history—so when we talk about your “best self,” it’s easy to get caught up in personal appearance. But being your best self isn’t about having a perfect figure or a sculpted physique. If you focus on body image or body weight, on what’s on the outside, you might do more harm than good. And there’s a very simple reason for that: Real change doesn’t come from the outside in. It comes from the inside out.

If you were at Launch and you heard about the research behind the Peak Performance Pack, you know that’s exactly how it works—from the inside out. The Peak Performance Pack starts at the cellular level and, in as little as one hour, helps the systems in your body perform better.

It’s almost a cliché in the world of nutrition to compare your body to a sports car. You might have a high-performance engine under the hood, but if you neglect it and feed it with subpar fuels, it won’t matter how nice your fenders are. You simply can’t perform optimally if you don’t give your engine what it needs.

The reality is (and I mean no disrespect to automobile engineers in saying this) our bodies are much more complex and magnificent machines than shiny, high-performance sports cars. The more you discover about how your body operates and what it’s capable of, the more you realize that every single one of us is a walking, talking miracle.

Being your best doesn’t mean being your skinniest or even your fittest; it means being your healthiest. It’s not just about what you do today; it’s about what you do daily for the long term. So when you’re determining what it means to be your best self this year, cut yourself some slack about what you see in the mirror and instead focus on consistently giving your body the nutrition it requires to perform.

The best decision you can make right now is to start using the Peak Performance Pack daily and share it with everyone you know. Once your bodily systems are running smoothly, the changes you want to see on the outside will come.

Regular physical exercise works in the same way. What matters is not how fast you ran your mile or how good you look in your workout clothing. It’s what happened inside you as you worked out and how your body adapted to it. The key to physical fitness, just like nutrition and any other lifestyle habit, is consistency.

Marketing Executive of the Year Brooke Paulin often shares this quote from philosopher Will Durant: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”

Something else happens when you do those activities regularly: you change. Your lifestyle changes, and you become a happier, healthier person. More and more evidence is showing that relationships are among the biggest keys to happiness and quality of life. This is a business where creating and then nurturing relationships, and even fostering communities, is central to your long-term success. There’s great satisfaction to be found in building relationships and communities in your organization.

Sometimes we get so caught up in celebrating the milestones of a Melaleuca business, and those things should be celebrated. But often, the real triumphs and successes come long before those successes begin to show up on your business report. The truly lasting accomplishments come in the personal growth, the courage and the fortitude we find as we build this business and discover what we’re capable of.

Start taking those small, consistent steps toward becoming your best self in 2015. When you get to December 31 and look back, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished.

By Darrin Johnson, Senior Vice President of Sales

Melaleuca Customer Wins the Louisiana Marathon!

Melaleuca customer Adam MacDowell as he crosses the finish line

Melaleuca customer Adam MacDowell as he crosses the finish line to win the Louisiana Marathon
Photo Credit: Advocate Staff Member Angela Major

It’s typical to start the New Year off running—whether that’s enthusiastically setting new goals and finding a way to reach them, or actually stepping on a treadmill to shed some weight and get healthier. One Melaleuca customer did more than head to the gym. Earlier this month, Adam MacDowell won the Louisiana Marathon, crossing the finish line at 2 hours and 27 minutes! In a nutshell, Adam is really fast and he can prove it.

Over the years, Adam has clocked countless miles as a competitive cross country and track runner. Once the captain of the University of Missouri’s track team, Adam ran a 5k race in only 14 minutes and 26 seconds. (For some of us, that’s as long as it takes to run a third of the distance!) After he graduated, Adam ran a half-marathon in just over an hour, which means he ran a 5-minute mile for more than 13 miles! He even qualified for and ran in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in 2012. You have to feel kind of sorry for the man’s running shoes.

Yet these days, Adam isn’t running next to world-championship contenders. Instead, he’s teaching math to high school students in Louisiana, coaching cross-country runners and entering an occasional race to stay in shape and stoke his competitive fire.

“When I was training at a high level, I was running 90 to 110 miles a week,” he says. “I’ve been doing this sport my entire life, but now that I’m getting older, I’m looking for anything I can find that will help me keep doing the sport I love and help my body recover.”

After Adam had an allergic reaction to a household cleaner, he and his wife found Melaleuca while looking for safer-for-your-home alternatives. One day, Adam was reading Leadership in Action magazine when he discovered Vitality Elevate™. He started purchasing Vitality 4® with Oligo® every month, along with the Vitality Elevate™Amino Boost and a box of Access Bars.

“I eat an Access Bar before I run because I know it helps me burn fat, and I don’t want to burn any muscle!” Adam says. “After any of my long runs, I used the Amino Boost to recover.”

Until this past Sunday, Adam hadn’t seen the results of switching over to Vitality for Life. And when he toed the line for the Louisiana Marathon, he wasn’t sure how it would go. He’d only been running 40 miles per week—far fewer than the distances he’d run before past races.

“You never start a marathon thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to finish this,’” he says. “Anything can go wrong. You can start with a little pain in your toe that can completely end your race after 20 miles. You just never know.”

For 20 miles of the race, Adam and his training partner cranked out the miles at a steady pace, and then his training partner suddenly fell behind. Instead of easing off the gas, Adam “threw the hammer down” and ran his last six miles even faster. He crossed the finish line at 2:27:12—and claimed the overall race win!

“I’ve never won a major marathon, ever,” he says. “That was the best I’ve ever felt after running a marathon, and I’ve run a lot of marathons.”

Already, Adam is looking at how he can take his performance even further with the Peak Performance Pack. Since hearing about the Freiburg Study and the science on free radicals and inflammation, Adam knows that it will help his body recover even faster than before.

“When you run a marathon, it can be a real shock to your body,” he says. “So I’m really conscious about the recovery process and how I can give my body everything it needs to get stronger.”

Like Adam, each of us could stand to put a little more effort into getting strong and treating our bodies better. But that doesn’t mean running a marathon, or 40 miles a week. Melaleuca advocates a life of health and wellness. That’s why we seek to provide you with products like the Peak Performance Pack that will supplement an active lifestyle and help you reach your dreams. So set some goals, big and small, to feel better in 2015. Then walk, run, lift, bike, or dance to the finish line of your choosing.

Peak Performance Pack

Freiburg Study proves significant whole-body benefits

Melaleuca Peak Performance Pack Freiburg Study

Why Freiburg? Freiburg, Germany, is home to one of the oldest and most esteemed scientific communities in the world. Nineteen Nobel laureates hail from Freiburg. And its history of scientific excellence stretches back to 1457 with the establishment of Freiburg University—which today remains one of the most distinguished and leading-edge research universities in multiple areas, including biomedicine.

It was only in Freiburg where Melaleuca found the specialized instruments, facilities, and expert scientists necessary to evaluate the in-body benefits of supplementing with the Peak Performance Pack.* In fact, Melaleuca commissioned the pioneering researcher who invented the scientific device capable of measuring free radicals in a live human body. Although not a Freiburg University study, the expertise of the area and labs associated with the university were necessary for the clinical analysis of the research.

First-of-its-kind research

The Freiburg Study protocol measured more than 25 key health markers in humans, including difficult-to-obtain data like resistance to induced inflammation, circulating free radicals, mitochondrial free radical activity, and rate of oxygen consumption by blood cells. All of which paint a more detailed picture of what effect supplements can have in a live human body.

The results are profound!

Melaleuca knows of nothing that compares. To our knowledge (and we have researched this), no nutritional supplement has ever produced these kinds of results in the human body. Nothing even comes close!

The Freiburg Study was conducted with 48 human subjects of various ages. To be included in the study, participants were evaluated on their cholesterol measurements, triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. As with the general population, many exhibited the characteristics of metabolic syndrome—meaning their numbers were elevated but still within a normal range. The testing was conducted before taking the Peak Performance Pack, one hour after taking the pack, after taking the pack for 6 weeks consistently, and after taking the pack for 12 weeks consistently. Some of the key indicators of health measured before and after light exercise included the following:

  • Free radical activity
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood fat
  • Blood pressure
  • C-reactive protein (heart health)
  • Heart rate
  • Glucose levels
  • Inflammation

The Freiburg Study showed significant improvements across several key measures within one hour of taking the pack (reduction in free radicals, heart rate doesn’t raise as high during exercise [greater efficiency], improved resistance to inflammation, and significantly reduced glycemic spikes after meals). Even greater improvements were seen after 6 weeks of taking the pack, and the greatest level of improvement was observed after taking the pack for 12 weeks.* Benefits in as little as 60 minutes! For nearly a century, supplement manufacturers have been saying that the benefits are strictly long range—that the true benefits of the nutrition they offer will take years to truly manifest. Melaleuca broke that mold with its 90-Day Challenge—promising you could feel a difference within 90 days. But now Melaleuca takes that promise where it has never been before. The Freiburg Study shows that many of the incredible benefits of the Peak Performance Pack are measurable in the body in as little as one hour! Think about that—your health begins to improve within just 60 minutes!

A Closer Look At Free Radical Damage

The damage free radicals create throughout the body is random. Millions of molecules are affected every second. But whether or not that damage impacts your health depends on the function of the molecule. Many molecules can be damaged without any consequence. Others are essential to your continued good health. Of course, the greater the number of excess free radicals present, the greater the chances for significant damage.

The amount of damage done when a free radical steals an electron from an adjacent molecule depends completely on the function of the molecule. For example, if an electron is stolen from a glucose molecule in your bloodstream, the damage will have little to no impact at all. However, if the affected molecule is part of a cell membrane somewhere in your body, significant damage may be done— perhaps causing the cell to age prematurely. If the molecule makes up part of the DNA of a cell, the free radical damage could cause the DNA of the cell to mutate, potentially leading to serious health problems.

Consider a golf ball dropped from an airplane at 40,000 feet. A single golf ball, dropped from an airplane at that altitude, will probably not do any damage to the ground below. The odds are it will fall harmlessly into some farmer’s field or land quietly somewhere in a forest. But it could, by some improbable chance, hit someone’s house, someone’s car, or worse— land squarely on someone’s head! The damage would be terrible! But most likely, it would land harmlessly and do no damage at all.

But if you were to drop a bucket of golf balls, the chances of one of those golf balls doing damage is greatly increased. And if you were to dump a semitruck full of golf balls, the likelihood increases even more. And if you dump a trainload of golf balls, it is quite likely that at least a few of the golf balls will do some serious damage to something.

So it is with free radicals. The greater the number of free radicals, the greater the likelihood of serious damage. The goal is to decrease the total amount of free radical activity, thereby decreasing the likelihood of meaningful damage.

Minor radicals do major damage

    • When free radicals steal electrons from DNA molecules, they can cause the DNA molecules to mutate.
    • Free radicals can damage lipid components in the blood.
    • Free radicals can also negatively impact proteins by altering their structure and compromising their function.

This is especially dangerous since many proteins serve as critical enzymes within the body.

Powerful, unparalleled results.

In the simplest terms, health can be broken down into broad categories that represent the interconnected bodily systems that make up our intricate human anatomy. Though further research is planned, the Peak Performance Pack has already demonstrated incredible, measurable benefits in the key categories of holistic health: heart health, metabolic health, and cellular health.

Improved Heart Health

Improved Heart Health

Cholesterol and triglyceride levels dropped significantly, especially in those studied with normal but elevated levels of cholesterol, allowing us to state that the pack helps:

  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels within the normal range*
  • Maintain healthy triglyceride levels within the normal range*

Blood pressure—both systolic and diastolic—remained stable for those already in a healthy range and dropped significantly for those studied with elevated levels. The major metabolite responsible for maintaining healthy blood pressure levels—nitric oxide, a known vasodilator—nearly doubled. This leads us to conclude that the pack helps:

  • Maintain blood pressure already in a healthy range*
  • Boost the healthy production of circulating nitric oxide in the blood* 
Improved Metabolic Health

Improved Metabolic Health

The spike of blood glucose after a high-sugar meal was significantly lower after participants started taking the Peak Performance Pack and the body’s insulin response was significantly lower. We may now conclude that the pack:

  • Helps your body more efficiently utilize blood sugar*
  • Helps support normal insulin response in healthy individuals*
Improved Cellular Health

Improved Cellular Health

As participants continued taking the Peak Performance Pack, the body’s ability to efficiently produce energy increased. To exert the same amount of physical effort, the heart did not need to beat as fast, and all cells were able to produce the required amount of energy without demanding additional oxygen. At the same time, we observed that the spike of free radicals that typically accompanies physical exertion was decreased dramatically. Additionally, inflammatory activity decreased while resistance to inflammation was significantly improved. The Peak Performance Pack also:

  • Helps support efficient cellular energy utilization*
  • Helps promote healthy free radical balance in the body*
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response in healthy individuals*
  • Boosts the healthy production of circulating nitric oxide in the blood*
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Exciting New Melaleuca Products Announced at January Launch

Several incredible new Melaleuca products were just unveiled at an historic January, 2015. For nearly 30 years, only the best balance of science and nature has gone into the development and production of Melaleuca’s products, and with these new products it’s no different. Melaleuca raises the bar even higher.

The result, as always, are a class of exceptional products at reasonable prices—products that are safer and far more effective than anything you’ll find in the grocery store. Here’s a description of each new addition to Melaleuca’s all-star lineup:

NEW! Melaleuca Energy Shot flavors for 2015

New Energy Shot Flavors

Melaleuca energy shots were introduced at Convention 2014, where they became an instant hit. Now, there are two new flavors to really get customers energized. New Raspberry Lemonade B-Fuel delivers 1,000% of the daily value of vitamins B12 and B6 to provide a long-lasting, caffeine-free energy boost. And New Peach Mango Energy Kick contains a specialized blend of antioxidants and 150 mg of caffeine for quick, long-lasting energy, improved alertness and focus, and an endurance boost.*

Melaleuca Vitality Bars with a new and improved recipe for 2015

New Vitality Elevate™ Ultra-Performance Protein Bars

Everyone is looking for a portable, convenient way to get long-lasting workout recovery benefits. Enter the delicious, power-packed new Vitality Elevate Ultra-Performance Protein Bars—specifically designed to aid muscle growth and recovery wherever and whenever you need. These tasty bars are loaded with 20 grams of a multi-source blend of proteins that are packed with antioxidants. And they come in two sensational flavors: Double Chocolate Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch.

Also getting a new receipe for 2015 is Melaleuca's Attain Crave Blocker Bars

New-Recipe Attain® CraveBlocker® Bars

If you’re looking for an effective and delicious way to curb your hunger cravings, you’ve got to try Attain CraveBlocker Bars. Packed with 10 grams of protein and loaded with fiber. Patented CraveBlocker bars and shakes have new and improved recipes in three flavors: Chocolate Caramel Nut, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Sweet and Salty Nut. Plus new package graphics that refresh the look of the brand.

Attain Crave Blocker Shakes see a packaging redesign for 2015

New-Look Attain CraveBlocker Shakes

If you have a current favorite snack that you know isn’t conducive to your healthy weight-loss goals, simply replace it with a delicious and nutritional Attain CraveBlocker Shake, available in beautiful new packaging on or before February 1. Having an Attain Shake will help you feel more satisfied and better equipped to make healthier mealtime and snack-time decisions.

Exceed Mints add a third flavor in 2015

New Exceed™ Sugar-Free Mints Flavor

Introduced at Convention 2014, Exceed Sugar-Free Mints were an immediate bestseller. And now, these guiltless, aspartame-free breath fresheners are available in an enticing new flavor: Cinnamon! Heat up the New Year and set your flame on fire with new Cinnamon Exceed Mints.

New CoQ10+ shoots for better absorption for 2015

New CoQ10+

Using a unique encapsulation technology that offers better antioxidant absorption, new CoQ10+ provides premium fuel for proper function in high-energy organs. CoQ10+ contains a proprietary mixture of powerful antioxidants including CoQ10, mixed tocotrienols, and alpha lipoic acid. The result is a better protection against free radicals and essential nutrition that supports healthy heart, immune, and nerve function.*

K2-D3 is all-new for 2015

New K2-D3

Now there’s an ideal balance of nutrients for improved bone health. All-new vitamins K2-D3 help you put calcium, an essential mineral, to better use for full-body benefits. K2 assists in redirecting calcium out of the bloodstream and into bone tissue and teeth.* It also assists in moving calcium out of the blood, supporting arterial and vessel health.* And K2 and D3 work in tandem to promote healthy bone mass.*

Acuity AZ helps maintain a healthy brain and is new for 2015

New Acuity AZ™

Available individually and in the new Peak Performance Brain Health Pack, new Acuity AZ helps maintain a healthy brain. Acuity AZ takes an A-to-Z approach to memory, mental acuity, proper nerve function and overall brain health.* Its unique mix of natural ingredients—a patent-pending formula—is designed to target all four of the major brain-health areas.

CardiOmega EPA in 2015 is now available separately

Now Sold Separately: CardiOmega EPA

This product has been designed specifically to support cardiovascular health and promote a normal response to inflammation induced by activity.* It is also formulated to aid in rapid recovery.*

Melaleuca's popular Florify get an updated formula for 2015

Updated Formula: Florify

Probiotics are essential for maintaining health. Just one daily does of the updated Florify formula carries 10 billion colonies of acid-resistant, beneficial flora from seven different strains. These diverse sources include lactobacillus acidophilus to benefit the small intestine and Bifidobacterium lactis to benefit the colon. It also contains prebiotic fructooligosaccharides (FOS), which feeds and encourages the growth of beneficial digestive tract bacteria.

Melaleuca Peak Performance Packs replace the Vitality Packs starting in 2015

New Personalized Nutrition Packs

With the incredible Freiburg Study results on the Peak Performance Pack, Melaleuca has created all-new packs—each with the research-backed benefits of Peak Performance. The following six packs replace Vitality 4®, Vitality 6®, and Vitality Total® and let you upgrade your nutrition whether you are focused on full-body health or specific health factors.:

  • Peak Performance Total Health is specifically designed for people who desire head-to-toe support—from heart and joints to brain and eyes—as well as daily nutrition and core systemic benefits.*
  • Peak Performance Bone & Joint is specifically designed for people who desire proactive management of their bone health and maintenance of their joint mobility, as well as daily nutrition and core systemic benefits.*
  • Peak Performance Heart Health is specifically designed for people who desire proactive cholesterol and cardiovascular support and reduced risk of heart disease, as well as core systemic benefits.*
  • Peak Performance Brain Health is specifically designed for people who desire proactive brain health management memory support, as well as essential nutrition and core systemic benefits.*
  • The Peak Performance Pack is designed for people who desire the best formulas, backed by research, that deliver core systemic benefits and essential nutrition for improved health today and vitality for years to come.*
  • The Vitality Essential Nutrition Pack is designed for people who desire the core of vital nutrition provided by Oligo®—Melaleuca’s patented technology for absorption of essential minerals.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.