Convention 2018 Highlights Live Blog

We will be posting highlights from the Convention 2018 General Sessions 1 & 2. Follow along and join the conversation.


  1. Aysel Alldredge says

    My first time ever n loved it . I love the way everything presented
    Aysel April Alldredge

  2. Mike Gardiner says

    This is awesome! I was planning on attending but a surgical issue came up so I’m happy Melaleuca has this training blog from the convention.
    Thank you and shout out to Tim and Ronda Campbell, Alex Reynoso and Marisol Solano.

  3. Gisele Picard says

    Was there in 2014, loved every minute of it. Why have I not been since? Allowing the day to run me, instead of me running the day. Thank you, thank you for sharing these convention moments with us! Next year, it’s on!

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