The Dry Skin Solution by Melaleuca

Solving the dry skin epidemic was puzzling, BUT MELALEUCA PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER.

Melaleuca RenewMILLIONS OF PEOPLE SUFFER DAILY WITH DRY SKIN. In the United States alone, 30 million people suffer from eczema, and three million of those are children. Eczema is one of the most devastating types of dry skin. This disease manifests itself in the form of red, itchy rashes, skin inflammation, crusting, dryness, flaking, oozing, cracking, and even bleeding. Except for those who have discovered Renew, relief is hard to find. By effectively moisturizing the dry skin associated with eczema like no other dry skin therapy lotion, Renew is made to give your skin everything it needs to heal itself.

Renew contains the right moisturizing ingredients at the right amounts for lasting, therapeutic dry skin relief.

Renew is proven to leave even severely, chronically dry skin softer, smother and better hydrated in just 24 hours.

In clinical trials, Renew outperformed the #1 dermatologist-recommended brand Eucerin® in keeping skin moisturized.

Renew’s breakthrough formula: skin wins.

Because of their beneficial moisturizing and healing properties, both glycerin and petrolatum should be in any moisturizing lotion in high levels. But combining these two ingredients and ending up with a light, pleasant-feeling moisturizer that isn’t sticky or greasy is like trying to solve a chemical Rubik’s Cube.

Due to the difficulty of mixing glycerin and petrolatum, many moisturizer brands simply use less of these ingredients. They achieve light, creamy lotions, but without strong moisturizing powers.

Melaleuca graphicMelaleuca scientists discovered a different way of combining these ingredients. This breakthrough technological discovery finally made it possible for petrolatum and glycerin to mix together in high amounts, creating the world’s absolute best long-term solution for chronic dry skin.

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