Just in Time for the Holidays

jacki-&-josh-grimleyBetween their bills and a mountain of maxedout credit cards, the Grimleys only had $150 leftover each month to feed their family of four. Forget movies or new shoes or even candy for the stockings—how could they possibly provide basic nutrition for an entire month with only $150?

Almost overnight, the Grimleys’ finances crumbled into what seemed an irreparable mess, their once-bright future water-logged by terrible timing. On the very day Josh quit his corporate job, sick of the long hours and hectic lifestyle, Jacki noticed some strange bowing in the wood floors.

“I went to check the hatch under the house and it was swollen shut,” Josh recalls. Unbeknownst to the Grimleys, a water leak had been destroying their home. “Plumbing, electrical, walls, flooring and even some of the floor joists had to be replaced,” Josh says.

The damage to their home was so extensive they had to move in with parents while the home was remodeled. Their insurance paid for some of the repairs, but it wasn’t nearly enough. With Josh now unemployed, the Grimleys turned to credit cards to survive.

“I took another job making half of what I used to make and worked on remodeling the house in my free time,” Josh says. “We were barely making it paycheck to paycheck.”

Around this time, Josh heard about Melaleuca. The business plan sounded impressive, but first Josh wanted to try the products for himself. “We liked every product we tried, especially Renew® [Lotion],” Josh says. “My wife has a serious dry skin problem on her hands. Before Melaleuca, she was using steroid creams and going to bed with socks on her hands. Within three days of using Renew, her skin had improved so much she stopped using her other creams.”

The Grimleys enrolled on November 2, 2012, and put their all into building a Melaleuca business. When that first check arrived in the mail for $2,409, it quite literally saved their Christmas. “It saved our bacon,” Josh says. “We were able to give our kids Christmas and even give it to another family.”

Since then, Jacki and Josh have paid off $50,000 in debt using their Melaleuca income. Finances were so tight last year, the couple wasn’t able to do anything for their 10th anniversary, so now Josh and Jacki are taking an eight-day trip to Hawaii. And Christmas this year won’t be a time of stress and worry, but rather an opportunity to help others. They plan on providing Christmas for several families in need.

“We believe that the more you give, the more you gain, and we have a responsibility to go out there and provide for other people as well,” Josh says. “This is such an amazing company. It can bless so many lives if you just open your mouth. If you do, you’ll be blessed beyond what you can imagine.”