Melaleuca: The Wellness Company

Since 1985, Melaleuca has been manufacturing consumable products to help their customers live healthier, more vibrant lives. Today, Melaleuca’s wellness products enhance the lives of millions of families, operating in 20 countries and territories around the globe. In every R&D pursuit, The Wellness Company is driven by a commitment to only develop products that are safe, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable. These include products in the categories of nutrition, personal care, home cleaning, and cosmetics. Through the years, Melaleuca has remained firm in their commitment to provide a better value for their customers to both optimize health and protect the environment.

For more than three decades, Melaleuca has been a pioneer in the field of superior wellness products, refusing to compromise on quality. Because of their super-concentrated formulas and high-quality ingredients, they are much more effective than the diluted, cheaper grocery store brands. Each year, Melaleuca spends millions on research to determine the best sources, the safest and most effective forms, and the optimal extraction processes to create extracts, essential oils, minerals, enzymes, and other natural compounds to optimize health and protect the environment. Melaleuca’s commitment to quality means that Melaleuca products are made with the finest ingredients, balancing science with nature to make more than 400 wellness products that millions of people around the world use every day.

Latest Product News

Melaleuca Employ group volunteering at local food bank

Making a Difference: 141 Melaleuca Team Members Volunteer at Food Bank

On four separate days over the course of four weeks in October and November 2023, Melaleuca Team Members volunteered their time to help the Community Food Basket sort canned food and organize food in their warehouse.

Melaleuca Product Good zymes

Keep Your Holidays and Your Gut Happy with These Four Melaleuca Products

While indulging on holiday fares of all kinds may be delightful, the toll it can take on your stomach can be frightful. Melaleuca’s many wellness products will be your best companions for these situations.

Melaleuca Family

Halloween Magic Comes Alive at Melaleuca Global Headquarters

For many Melaleuca Team Members, and especially their children and grandchildren, Halloween is one of the best times of the year.

Melaleuca EcoSence product line

Why Ammonia Is More Horror Than Help

We all know about spring-cleaning, but what about fall cleaning? If it’s been six months since your last cleaning, then your home is in need of some care! But unlike your seasonal festivities, cleaning should not be a scary task. For many of us, cleaning is a form of self-care and a way we express our love and concern for…

Melaleuca product Activate C

Fall into Wellness with Melaleuca Products

If you do a Google search on Americans’ favorite season, you’ll see that fall is the time of year that Americans love the most. The fall season holds a special place in our hearts for a variety of reasons.  Depending on where you live, the autumn months can be a time of dramatic change. The trees warm us against the…

Falling into Good Habits with Peak Performance

Have you ever found yourself forgetting to take the PM packet of your Peak Performance Pack? Or have you ever tried to “extend” your Peak Performance Pack by only taking either the AM or PM packet every day? There is no doubting the benefits the Peak Performance Pack can have on your health. We have the studies to prove it!…