Runner Bernard Lagat Makes U.S. History


Bernard Lagat uses many of Melaleuca’s products including the Peak Performance Pack. Bernard just became the oldest long-distance runner in history to qualify for U.S. Olympic Team. At 41 years old, his record-breaking performances show no sign of slowing down. In April, Bernard lowered his own World Masters Record for the road 5,000 meters. Then in May, Bernard blazed past competitors in the 10,000 meters to win the Patyon Jordan Invitational, setting a new World Masters Record in the process. His blistering pace continues in July, as he finished first in his heat at the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials and went into the finals with the fifth-fastest qualifying time.

“After Melaleuca Convention 2015, I decided to start taking the Peak Performance Pack,” Bernard says. “I’m getting older, and I wanted to get that energy back. Plus, it’s really important for me to keep my nutrition balanced. I need that in my job to train well, be strong, and stay injury-free.”

Take a look at Bernard’s records over the years:

2015-2016 Running Records
2016 Masters World 10K
2016 Masters World Road 5K
2016 American Masters 10k
2016 American Masters Road 5k
2015 Masters Indoor mile
2015 Masters Indoor 3000m
2015 Masters Indoor 2-mile
2015 Masters World 10K
2015 Masters World 1500m
2015 Masters World 5000m

World Championships
3x World Indoor 3000m gold medalist
2x World Outdoor 5000m silver medalist
2014 World Indoor 3000m runner-up
2009 World Outdoor 1500m bronze medalist
2007 World Outdoor 1500m gold medalist
2007 World Outdoor 5000m gold medalist
2004 Olympic 1500m silver medalist
2002 World Cup 1500m champion
2001 World Outdoor 1500m silver medalist
2000 Olympic 1500m bronze medalist

U.S. Championships
7x USATF Outdoor 5000m champion
3x USATF Indoor 3000m champion
2x USATF Outdoor 1500m champion
2012 Olympic Trials 5000m runner-up
2011 USATF Outdoor 1500m runner-up

Melaleuca Introduces New Alloy® Sport

Melaleuca Alloy Sport Group

More and more often, men are looking for personal care products that do more than just the basics. They want premium benefits in fewer steps, and they want brands and products that help them define their style. With new additions to the Alloy brand, we’re giving men more reasons than ever to make the switch to Melaleuca.

Men want products that keep up with them
Men today are looking for products that give them the complete, fresh, clean experience they want without adding more time to their routines.

In response, men’s care brands are developing products that do more with every application. More convenience, less fuss—a man on the go is willing to switch brands to have those essentials.

But that’s not all men are looking for. Whatever their image—from active to sophisticated, serious to playful—men are buying brands that reinforce their style.

Alloy Sport goes the distance
That’s why Melaleuca is introducing Alloy Sport. It’s our new men’s personal care lineup targeted to the active man who wants the most from his personal care routine.

Alloy Sport is the signature of a man who goes the distance, a man who’s looking for a scent that can keep up with him. It’s a fresh, uncommonly exhilarating blend of bright citrus, bold greens, and sensuous cedarwood made to set off his sense of confidence at any point in his day—getting ready, going full speed, or gearing down.

Meet the new Alloy Sport all-stars:

  • One step pays dividends. And with new Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner,* you’ll shorten your shower time, but step up how your hair looks and feels. Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is designed to clean and condition hair in just one wash. You’ll step out with hair that’s soft, smelling great, and ready to style.Alloy Sport 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner contains a natural cleanser that eliminates dirt and oils, plus a moisturizer that makes hair more manageable, all in just one application. Without changing your shower routine, you’ll get started feeling fresh and clean, with hair you’ll find easy to style all day long.
  • Enriched with vitamins and natural jojoba oil, new Alloy Sport Body Wash fights odor while washing away dirt and oils. With Alloy Sport Body Wash, you can energize your body each day as you moisturize and tone your skin.
  • New Alloy Sport Deodorant controls odors at the source. Experience long-lasting odor protection that goes on smooth without any white residue.
  • Step into action and gear up for a new day with new Alloy Sport Body Spray. It will leave you smelling great and feeling fresh all day long, so you’ll be ready to face any challenge with confidence and energy. Alloy Sport Body Spray gives you the bold, long-lasting scent you need to always step out with strength and confidence.

For any man looking to define his style, feel great, and move with confidence all day long, Melaleuca is proud to offer Alloy Sport.

*For those who prefer a true original, new 2-in-1 Shamp-ditioner is also available in Alloy Classic. Buy it separately or as part of the Alloy Classic Strength & Style Set, which also includes Alloy Body Wash, Deodorant or Antiperspirant & Deodorant, Shave Gel, and After Shave.

Melaleuca Customer Wins the Louisiana Marathon!

Melaleuca customer Adam MacDowell as he crosses the finish line

Melaleuca customer Adam MacDowell as he crosses the finish line to win the Louisiana Marathon
Photo Credit: Advocate Staff Member Angela Major

It’s typical to start the New Year off running—whether that’s enthusiastically setting new goals and finding a way to reach them, or actually stepping on a treadmill to shed some weight and get healthier. One Melaleuca customer did more than head to the gym. Earlier this month, Adam MacDowell won the Louisiana Marathon, crossing the finish line at 2 hours and 27 minutes! In a nutshell, Adam is really fast and he can prove it.

Over the years, Adam has clocked countless miles as a competitive cross country and track runner. Once the captain of the University of Missouri’s track team, Adam ran a 5k race in only 14 minutes and 26 seconds. (For some of us, that’s as long as it takes to run a third of the distance!) After he graduated, Adam ran a half-marathon in just over an hour, which means he ran a 5-minute mile for more than 13 miles! He even qualified for and ran in the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in 2012. You have to feel kind of sorry for the man’s running shoes.

Yet these days, Adam isn’t running next to world-championship contenders. Instead, he’s teaching math to high school students in Louisiana, coaching cross-country runners and entering an occasional race to stay in shape and stoke his competitive fire.

“When I was training at a high level, I was running 90 to 110 miles a week,” he says. “I’ve been doing this sport my entire life, but now that I’m getting older, I’m looking for anything I can find that will help me keep doing the sport I love and help my body recover.”

After Adam had an allergic reaction to a household cleaner, he and his wife found Melaleuca while looking for safer-for-your-home alternatives. One day, Adam was reading Leadership in Action magazine when he discovered Vitality Elevate™. He started purchasing Vitality 4® with Oligo® every month, along with the Vitality Elevate™Amino Boost and a box of Access Bars.

“I eat an Access Bar before I run because I know it helps me burn fat, and I don’t want to burn any muscle!” Adam says. “After any of my long runs, I used the Amino Boost to recover.”

Until this past Sunday, Adam hadn’t seen the results of switching over to Vitality for Life. And when he toed the line for the Louisiana Marathon, he wasn’t sure how it would go. He’d only been running 40 miles per week—far fewer than the distances he’d run before past races.

“You never start a marathon thinking, ‘Oh yeah, I’m definitely going to finish this,’” he says. “Anything can go wrong. You can start with a little pain in your toe that can completely end your race after 20 miles. You just never know.”

For 20 miles of the race, Adam and his training partner cranked out the miles at a steady pace, and then his training partner suddenly fell behind. Instead of easing off the gas, Adam “threw the hammer down” and ran his last six miles even faster. He crossed the finish line at 2:27:12—and claimed the overall race win!

“I’ve never won a major marathon, ever,” he says. “That was the best I’ve ever felt after running a marathon, and I’ve run a lot of marathons.”

Already, Adam is looking at how he can take his performance even further with the Peak Performance Pack. Since hearing about the Freiburg Study and the science on free radicals and inflammation, Adam knows that it will help his body recover even faster than before.

“When you run a marathon, it can be a real shock to your body,” he says. “So I’m really conscious about the recovery process and how I can give my body everything it needs to get stronger.”

Like Adam, each of us could stand to put a little more effort into getting strong and treating our bodies better. But that doesn’t mean running a marathon, or 40 miles a week. Melaleuca advocates a life of health and wellness. That’s why we seek to provide you with products like the Peak Performance Pack that will supplement an active lifestyle and help you reach your dreams. So set some goals, big and small, to feel better in 2015. Then walk, run, lift, bike, or dance to the finish line of your choosing.

Melaleuca Athletes – World Championship Caliber

Lagat Symmonds

Melaleuca athletes Bernard Lagat and Nick Symmonds ran for world titles at the Track World Championships in Moscow.

Bernard Lagat

Bernard Lagat





American Record Holder in the 5,000-meter (12:53.6), 2-mile (8:09.49), mile (3:49.89) and 1,500-meter (3:33.34) 2nd fastest 1,500-meter ever: 3:26.34

Breaking Away

With just 200 meters to go, the men’s 5,000-meter National Championship had come down to two competitors: Melaleuca athlete Bernard Lagat and his consummate challenger, Galen Rupp. Taking the inside track, Rupp appeared to have the advantage as the two athletes started down the final stretch, but Bernard quickly moved alongside him.

“He’s obviously a legend in track and field,” Rupp said of Bernard after the race, “so he’s always going to be there.” Bernard opened a gap of a few inches and then pushed it to a few yards. In a matter of moments, what looked to be an epic duel rapidly became a blowout as Bernard kicked for the win and left his rival in his wake. The two challengers had zipped through their final mile in only three minutes and 54 seconds.

“That time was not surprising,” said 38-yearold Bernard, whom the media have dubbed “the ageless wonder.” “I came here prepared. I was ready for this race today. [My closing speed] is still there; it’s not going anywhere.” And you can bet that when he finished, Bernard went to his favorite source for recovery: Melaleuca’s ProFlex20®. “Drinking water or eating a banana—it’s not going to be enough,” Bernard says. “When we do all of those miles day after day, you tear your muscles or you get so weak, and you need the strength to work the following day. We have to run today and tomorrow and the day after, week after week, month after month. You need the recovery, and that’s why I looked into ProFlex20 and why it’s become my favorite Melaleuca product.”

Nick Symmonds

Nick Symmonds

Olympian – London 2012


3rd Fastest American 800-meter ever: 1:42.95


Aiming High

In the 800-meter final, Melaleuca athlete Nick Symmonds took a valiant second-place finish in the swiftest field of American half-milers ever to line up at a National Championship—wherein the top three finishers all crossed the line under 1:44.

“I feel that I made some really big tactical errors, and I still ran 1:43.7 in only my second 800-meter final of the year,” Nick said after the race. “[It] makes me feel really good [to know] I could possibly shave off another second and get down into the mid-1:42s. That’s what I’m going to aim for in Moscow.”

UPDATE: Nick won a silver medal in Moscow.

For most athletes, winning a National Championship would, in itself, be a once-in-alifetime thrill. But for Nick Symmonds, who’s won five outdoor national titles, there are even bigger opportunities at stake.

“I want to go for the [800-meter] and the [1,500-meter] in the 2016 Olympics,” he says. “And if I’m going to make a realistic shot at that, I need to run the 1,500 at a championship race. In Watch the Athletes Nick’s 800-meter final at the Moscow World Championship is scheduled for August 13, and Bernard’s 5,000-meter final is scheduled for August 16. Check for coverage. 2015, I need to really jump into the 1,500 to learn what it takes to get through those rounds as well.”

Fueling Nick’s Olympic ambitions will, of course, be Melaleuca’s Access® Bars.”

“I have to say that I would not be the athlete I am today if not for the Access Bars,” Nick says. “On a typical day, we might be working out for six to eight hours. A lot of times, I’ll get up and have a 10-mile workout and a gym session afterwards. And I think, ‘How am I going to fuel up for three or four hours worth of work?’ I certainly can’t go out and have a Denny’s Grand Slam®—there’s no way it’s going to fuel me through that.

“But if I have a sensible breakfast and an Access Bar in my backpack, it’s just the right amount. Without being too heavy in my stomach, the Access Bar will leave me feeling fueled but not overwhelmed by calories.”



Nick Symmonds Takes the Silver at the 2013 Track & Field World Championships

Congratulations to Melaleuca Athlete & USA Track Star Nick Symmonds

Since 1997, no American has medaled in the World Championship or the Olympic 800-meters event—until now. Melaleuca athlete Nick Symmonds achieved a career-long dream when he won a silver medal at the World Championship in Moscow, Russia yesterday.

Nick Symmonds USA Track

Nick Symmonds (center) nears the finish line to win his 800-meter semifinal heat in Moscow. (The Associated Press)

“I raced for gold, and there’s no shame in finishing second,” Nick told reporters after the race. “I did everything I could to get it.” From the gun, Nick’s compatriot Duane Solomon led the race out to a blisteringly fast pace, clocking just under 24 seconds for the first 200 meters. When the pack rounded the corner after the first lap, Nick was in an unfamiliar spot—just off the race leader’s shoulder.

“I could tell it was a hot pace, but it was still very crowded,” Nick said. “I wanted to be as close to Duane as possible. I keyed off him the entire race.”

Into the final turn, Nick picked the pace up to a sprint just as his rival
Mohammed Aman broke free from the rest of the pack. For a moment hung in time, Nick had a solid body length between him and the next runner.

“With 100 to go, I flipped that switch,” Nick said. “At 75, I pretty much thought I was going to be the next world champion. I feel like I really raced for gold tonight. I wasn’t content to sit in the back and hang on for dear life for bronze or silver.”

A fan of Melaleuca’s products throughout his career, Nick undoubtedly turned to his favorite source for fuel: Melaleuca’s Access Bar.

“I would not be the athlete I am today if not for the Access Bars,” Nick told the audience at Convention just a few months ago. “The Access Bar will leave me feeling fueled but not overwhelmed by calories.”

Melaleuca Champion Bernard Lagat Sets Another American Record

Photo of Melaleuca athlete, Bernard Lagat

Bernard Lagat, Melaleuca Champion Athlete

AFTER CRUSHING THE LAST TWO LAPS at the Millrose Games men’s 2-mile race, Bernard Lagat crumpled to the track just as the announcer told the crowd Bernard had set a new American Record by a quarter of a second.

Just two months after turning 38—which might as well be 100 in track and field years—Bernard started his 2013 season off with a pair of wins at the Millrose Games and at an international meet in Karlsruhe, Germany. In both races, Bernard finished the last 400 meters looking like a sprinter as younger athletes melted behind him.

“I knew that if it came down to the last 400 meters, I was going to hold off anybody who came up on me,” he said after the race. “I saw 7:37, and I thought, ‘If I run a 32 [for the last lap] I’m going to get [the record].’”

At half the length of the outdoor tracks you’d see at the World Championships or the Prefontaine Classic, indoor tracks tend to favor younger, springier and quicker athletes. But Bernard proved—and then proved again—that older legs are not necessarily weaker legs.

“The old man is not going to say, ‘I’m done now’—not yet,” Bernard says. “I’m training really well right now and enjoying it.”

When it came time to cool down, you can bet Bernard recovered with his favorite electrolyte drink: Melaleuca’s Sustain® Sport.

“For me, Sustain Sport is a really important product,” Bernard says. “I have to replenish a lot of electrolytes with the intense workouts I’m doing.”

And Bernard, whose winter training plan included a trip to Hawaii with Melaleuca’s Standing Executive Leadership Council, knew he had cheers coming from Melaleuca customers all across North America.

“I feel like my career’s been easier,” he says, “because I have good people and companies who support me.”

In a world where people are questioning the wisdom of looking to athletes for heroism, Bernard is proving that nice guys really can finish first.