Celebrating Halloween at Melaleuca

The Annual Halloween Celebration is a Staple of the Melaleuca Family Culture

Pixie Hollow

As an annual treat for the families of its employees, Melaleuca once again opened the doors to its home office and handed out mounds of candy to hundreds of children.

Melaleuca’s Halloween celebration has not only become a beloved tradition, but a part of the Melaleuca family culture as well. The halls are decorated in festive themes—whether spooky, funny, or perhaps a little of both—so that children and grandchildren of employees can enjoy a magical, safe trick-or-treat path.

Melaleuca Minions

Even Gru is after Melaleuca’s patented wellness technology. We found two of his minions on campus.

“Our kids look forward to Melaleuca’s Halloween celebration more than they do trick-or-treating in their own neighborhood,” says parent Elise Hansen. “They load up on a lot of candy really fast. The decorations are always amazing, and the whole event speaks to Melaleuca’s commitment to family.”

While the children enjoy filling their sacks with candy, it may be the adults who have the most fun. It’s the one day of year where employees get to dress in costume, act a little younger than they actually are, and watch as their precious little ones come parading down the halls. It’s meant to benefit everyone involved, which is a hallmark of the Melaleuca family culture.

And since it’s The Wellness Company doling out handfuls of candy, it’s a good thing Melaleuca also has amazing Tooth Polish and Tooth Gel to keep those little chompers clean and healthy!

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Feeding the Hungry

Boy Scout Food Drive

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot looks over stacks of donations raised during this year’s Scouting for Food drive and takes a photo with a young Boy Scout volunteer and two leaders from the BSA’s Grand Teton Council.

Did you know that Melaleuca has helped to raise 2,350 tons of food and served hundreds of thousands of families in need? For 25 years, we’ve supported a cause that’s delivered more than 7.5 million canned items to local food banks.

Boy Scout Food Drive

Boy Scouts throughout Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming led a successful food drive on Saturday that produced hundreds of thousands of canned goods for local food shelters and pantries. Melaleuca has sponsored the Scouting for Food drive for the last 25 years.

Melaleuca has served as the lead sponsor for the Scouting for Food drive in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)’s Grand Teton District. This service project covers all of the communities spread throughout Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming. Organizing this annual event is no small feat. The Scouts recognize that 32,000 hours are typically volunteered by 10,000 youth and adult leaders each year.

As the main sponsor, Melaleuca assumes all of the food drive’s costs. It builds awareness with the public by advertising the event and developing promotional materials that go to roughly 200,000 households. Because of Melaleuca’s efforts, people know when to leave a donation on their front porch for a Boy Scout to pick up for the food pantry.

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot has supported Scouting for Food ever since it began in 1989. “Hunger is a problem we can do something about by working together. This meaningful project plays a role in helping hungry children and providing nutrition to the disabled, the elderly, the homeless and the unemployed. It’s motivating to watch the community’s tremendous response to this event,” he said.

Fortunately, people gave generously once again. This year’s Scouting for Food drive raised more than 390,500 canned items. You can read the full story at here.

The Benefits and Uses of Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil)

Inside the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia—the “tea tree” of Australia—is an amazing substance made of more than 100 natural compounds. Some of these useful compounds are found nowhere else in nature.

Melaleuca Oil is an essential oil unlike any other. In fact, with its unique combination of six incredible properties, impressive healing ability, and many other helpful benefits, Melaleuca Oil could be thought of as nature’s first aid kit.

The medicinal and practical power in a drop of Melaleuca Oil is simply remarkable. But what exactly makes it so special?

  • Melaleuca Oil is naturally antiseptic, which means it has the power to reduce the likelihood of infection.
  • The oil is naturally soothing. It helps alleviate the itchiness and pain associated with bug bites, bee stings, cuts, scrapes, splinters, minor wounds, and other skin irritations.
  • The oil is safely penetrating. It has the power to deliver fast, deep, soothing relief right at the source of discomfort.
  • It is non-caustic, which means it is gentle enough to not cause any burning, corrosion, or other harmful chemical reactions.
  • Melaleuca oil is an effective solvent. It safely dissolves all sorts of substance like dirt, gum, resins, and more.
  • It is pleasantly aromatic. Its pleasing, natural fragrance helps refresh the senses.

Combined, these six properties make Melaleuca Oil a must-have for any medicine cabinet. And the best place to find this all-star oil is at Melaleuca, Inc. That’s because since 1985, Melaleuca has been distilling and bottling Melaleuca Oil in its purest, most naturally beneficial form to unlock its maximum potential to effectively relieve, comfort, penetrate, heal, and clean.

While families in Melaleuca homes have enjoyed this one-of-a-kind source of relief for nearly 30 years, Melaleuca alternifolia has been used as a traditional medicine for much longer. The indigenous people of Australia used the tree’s leaves as a natural remedy for all sorts of ailments.

The usefulness of Melaleuca alternifolia remained a secret of southeast Australia until 1770, when Captain James Cook landed there and observed the Aborigines brewing tea from the tree’s leaves. Won over by the tea, Cook collected leaves to be used as he and his crew sailed on.

However, it would take over one-and-a-half centuries for the therapeutic value of Melaleuca alternifolia to be rediscovered. In 1922, Arthur de Ramon Penfold, an Australian chemist, issued a report on the usefulness of tea tree oil. By the Second World War, the oil was standard issue for Australian and British soldiers alike. It was so effective and versatile that the soldiers dubbed it “first aid kit in a bottle.”

In 1985, a then-fledgling Melaleuca and its founder, Frank L. VanderSloot, began harvesting Melaleuca alternifolia. Since then, Melaleuca has introduced thousands of people all over the world to the soothing, healing powers of the highest-quality Melaleuca Oil.

Melaleuca Oil by itself works wonders. All it takes for soothing relief is a few drops applied directly to the skin. But because of its six amazing properties and variety of uses, Melaleuca Oil is a key ingredient in many other Melaleuca products:

  • Sol-U-Mel® stain remover takes advantage of Melaleuca Oil’s dissolving power, non-caustic properties, and naturally pleasant fragrance. It safely and effectively breaks down the toughest stains and spills and neutralizes odors, making cleanup a worry free pleasure.
  • Pain-A-Trate® pain-relieving cream uses Melaleuca Oil’s penetrating power to take the cooling, relieving properties of camphor and menthol and the heating, soothing properties of methyl salicylate deep into muscles. This makes Pain-A-Trate much more effective at alleviating soreness and numbing pain than grocery store brands.
  • MelaGel® combines the antiseptic and soothing properties of Melaleuca Oil with natural cocoa butter and beeswax. The result is a sealing gel that keeps a constant layer of Melaleuca Oil on the skin. Because it doesn’t run or evaporate, it can heal bites, burns, cuts, and scrapes faster.
  • The Gold Bar® uses the antibacterial properties of Melaleuca Oil to gently remove dirt, leaving behind healthy, clean skin without causing irritation or dryness. The penetrating properties of Melaleuca Oil also carry natural moisturizers glycerin and aloe vera deep into the skin to help keep it soft.
  • These are just a few examples of the many safe, effective products that contain Melaleuca Oil and can only be found at Melaleuca.Scientists have studied and made many new discoveries about Melaleuca Oil in the last decade alone. And because there is still a lot to learn about this natural wonder, Melaleuca will continue to research Melaleuca Oil, discover additional uses for it, and develop new products with it for decades to come.

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If you’re thinking MelaleucaJournal.com looks a lot different than the last time you visited, that’s because it is. We’ve taken the content from our old website and given it a fresh new look, while adding anemphasis on social media and shareability.

The new MelaleucaJornal.com has a clean design that makes navigation simple and enjoyable. Now it’s easier than ever to learn more about Melaleuca’s world-class products, one-of-a-kind mission, community involvement and more.

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Ice Bucket Challenge Dumps Millions into ALS Fight

Thanks to the power of social media, a freezing-cold fundraiser and awareness campaign is now completely on fire.

The Ice Bucket Challenge encourages people to dump ice water on their heads and donate money to spread the awareness and aid in the research of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive neurodegenerative disease more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

To put it plainly, the challenge successfully combines the elements of a silly dare and an extremely worthy cause. In a matter of weeks, 1.7 million challengers have donated nearly $80 million to the ALS Association (link to alsa.org), a national non-profit dedicated to ALS awareness, care service and research.

The challenge has become a viral online phenomenon as supporters have used social media both to share their frigid experiences and enlist people they know to do the same. One challenger becomes three, three become nine, and so on.

Because of its immense online presence, millions of people—the general public and celebrities alike—have heeded the call either to dump ice water on their heads or open up their wallets. Many have elected to do both. As the Ice Bucket Challenge continues to spread, there is no telling how much money it will raise.

According to the ALS Association, the disease attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, resulting in a loss of voluntary muscle control and movement, and, in many cases, total paralysis. On average, people live two to five years after being diagnosed with ALS, and over 5,600 people are diagnosed every year.
Melaleuca supports the ALS Association and its mission to treat and cure ALS.

Have you taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Please send us a link to your video and we may feature it on the Melaleuca YouTube channel.

The following are just a few examples of Melaleuca employees and friends who have accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Watch as Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge and invites others to do the same.

Melaleuca Chief of Staff Cole Clinger accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

Melaleuca Senior Vice President of Sales Darrin Johnson accepts the challenge.

The Vitality Pack® with Oligo®

Vitality Pack Powered by Oligo

Vitality Pack Powered by Oligo

THE VITALITY PACK PROVIDES RESEARCH-RECOMMENDED LEVELS of key nutrients customized for your age and gender. It’s also the only multivitamin powered by our patented Oligo mineral delivery technology. Only Oligo helps keep nutrients in a form your body can more easily absorb. As a result, you get a lifetime of better health and wellness.

Not all minerals are equal

The mineral forms found in traditional multivitamins (gluconates, oxides, sulfates, etc.) dissolve easily in the acidic environment of the stomach, but as they pass into the small intestine where absorption takes place, they crystallize (or solidify), making them very difficult, if not impossible, to absorb–drastically reducing their benefit to the body.

Superior absorption

Oligo was created to be Just Like Nature.® Only Oligo binds minerals to organic compounds (amino acids and oligofructose) to mirror the way they are found in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods to maximize solubility. In fact, Oligo minerals are scientifically proven to provide up to 4 times greater absorption than the minerals found in leading brands.*†

Maximum antioxidant protection

Minerals in traditional supplements can trigger massive free radical activity during digestion. These free radicals can actually cancel out the benefits of antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Oligo minerals are different. Oligo reduces free radical activity, thereby protecting critical antioxidants up to 5 times better than the leading brands.† It also extends that free radical protection throughout the entire body!

Patented Mineral delivery technology

In study after study, science has shown there is no other mineral technology that compares to Oligo. And thanks to patent no. 8,273,393, Melaleuca is the only place you’ll find Oligo.

4x Greater Absorption

5x more antioxidant protection


Oligo inhibits the free radical activity that traditional mineral forms cause. This protects the potency of your antioxidants and prevents free radicals from spreading throughout your body.

Oligo keeps minerals up to 10-times more soluble during digestion–making them much easier for the body to absorb.

Traditional mineral forms crystallize when they reach the small intestine, making them very difficult for the body to absorb.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.